Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer... Short and Sweet

Well, our summer is officially over. Today is the first day of school, I can't believe how quickly the summer when by. I was not ready for this at all. Malley in the 3rd grade and Mason in 1st you would think that I would have a handle on my emotions. But NO it was so much more emotional than I ever would have expected. They are truly growing up way TO fast and seeing this makes me especially for thankful summers. Although our summer was short it was definitely sweet.


The Wild World of Richmond said...

Oh, how I can relate to the "growing up too fast." Will went to Middle School today and it is definitely messing with me. I had to take a deep breath and drive off today.
Malley and Mason look soooo cute!!! I haven't had time to get my pics off my camera.

jonesfamily said...

They look adorable! So you mean to tell me it doesn't get easier? Wade promised me I wouldn't be as upset next year....I had the feeling as if I had sent her to the (But I guess that is just me being!!

Brad and Shana said...

They look ready to conquer the're right, they're all growing up too fast.

Glad y'all had a great summer!

Tammy said...

ohhh, my heart is hurting that all our kids are growing did that happen???

Cyndi Lou said...

They look GREAT and they look ready for a fabulous day at school! This growing up thing has GOT TO STOP!!! My oh my, it doesn't get any easier that is for sure!!

I hope they both had a great 1st day and I hope they have a great school year!!

Love you,


Bridenstine said...

I hope their first day was great. They did look so cute.