Friday, September 19, 2008

Proud Moma

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. Mason is playing football for the first time and Malley is cheering for the third year. Both have practice twice a week and 2 games a week on top of Karate, ballet, gymnastics, piano and homework. I am exhausted! When is it to much? I have always struggled with this, I don't want to deny them any opportunities but...Looking for some advice. With that said, I am very proud of M and M they are fabulous children who for the most part do all this very well. As busy as they stay they are continuing to do wonderfully in school, report cards when out this week and both are truly excelling (I'm just thankful that they get their brains and their looks for the dad).

Well, this is us and our crazy life. Shana used this in her blog and I loved it "Busy and Boring" that's us as well.