Friday, September 19, 2008

Proud Moma

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. Mason is playing football for the first time and Malley is cheering for the third year. Both have practice twice a week and 2 games a week on top of Karate, ballet, gymnastics, piano and homework. I am exhausted! When is it to much? I have always struggled with this, I don't want to deny them any opportunities but...Looking for some advice. With that said, I am very proud of M and M they are fabulous children who for the most part do all this very well. As busy as they stay they are continuing to do wonderfully in school, report cards when out this week and both are truly excelling (I'm just thankful that they get their brains and their looks for the dad).

Well, this is us and our crazy life. Shana used this in her blog and I loved it "Busy and Boring" that's us as well.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Malley is 9

Well it is official my baby is nine. I can not even believe how quickly time as gone. As I sit here thinking back the past nine years, I am amazed at the young lady she has become. She truly is an incredible gift from God and I am so thankful. So to honor Malley today I thought I would list nine thing about her that I love.

1. Sensitive - She has a very tender heart.
2. Creative - She is a great seamstress.
3. Funny - She has a natural sense of humor.
4. Confident - She believes in herself.
5. Positive - she always see the good.
6. Smart - She is a thinker and it is usually outside the box.
7. Caring - She openly and honestly cares for people.
8. Beautiful- She definitely gets her good looks for her dad.
9. Loving - She has the most beautiful heart and has a love for others that is incredible.
There are so many more things that I love about Malley but these are nine of my favorite. She is an amazing little girl and I am so blessed that she calls me mom. As I have sat here and took a trip down memory lane I again want to thank my Heaven Father for loving me so much that He would gift me such an amazing gift.

Happy Birthday Malley! Mommy loves you and I am so proud of the young lady that you are.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Faithful Friday

Well for the record, my children have been wonderful this week. YEA! I have really been convicted this week since my post last Friday I feel like I don't' praise my children enough. I do want to share those trying times but I also need to share how extremely fabulous they are. So in spite of a long, chaotic, sleepless week, my kids have been awesome. Tomorrow is our biggest fun raiser of the year at Malley and Mason school we call it our "Back to School Bash" it is a huge production with a Parent/Teacher Volley ball game, inflatables, games, face painting, tattoos, obstacle coarse, basket raffle, hay ride, and lots of good food (if anyone is in our area tomorrow for 11-2 please come out and join us, the kids will love it.) It is also a lot of work.

To add to my stress we are having some teacher changes at school and Malley is getting a NEW 3rd grade teacher. Which I am a little (lot) upset about. We are going on the 3rd week of school and she is getting a new teacher a brand new teacher from a different school. Third grade is a HUGE year, they are learning many new and more sophisticated skill (multiplication, writing paragraphs, etc.). So needless to say I am concerned and worried.

After saying all of that I do want to say PRAISE GOD for our little morning devotion, this morning it was titled "The Kind of Peace That Jesus Offers Us" (although the devotion is intended for the kids, I get so much out of it. God is so Good! He knows He has to speak to me on a very juvenile level). Anyway, it talked about John 14:27 how Jesus offers us peace, not as the world gives, but as He alone gives. How true is that, He offers peace we just have to accept it. I am accepting His peace this morning and trusting that He is going to take care of all my concerns and worries.

Our Heavenly Father is so completely FAITHFUL, he again sent me exactly what I needed. So to anyone who has doubt, concerns or worries. Accept the peace that only He can give and trust that He is going to be FAITHFUL.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Faithful Friday

Last night was not a great night in the Chastain household. My sweet almost 9 year old daughter, Miss Malley Shea had a major melt down last night at bedtime. I mean full blown temper tantrum crying, screaming, shouting (for the record this is NOT normal behavior for her). Which let to me getting angry with her for her very inappropriate behavior. Then this morning at 1:00am she wakes me to let me know she has peed in her bed (this has never happened before). Well this really irritates me, first of all I have to get up strip she sheets, clean up the mattress, give her a bath and because her bed is wet she has to sleep with me and Keith. So after all of this, I am mad (I get NO special mommy awards for this). We get settle in bed and I can not go to sleep so I get up and watch the Olympics til 3:00am.

Our 6:00am alarm goes off everyone (even Mason) gets up very well. Each morning while Malley and Mason are eating their breakfast I will read a short devotion to them before school. Well this morning our devotion was titled "NO MORE TANTRUMS" It talked about how we need to control our tempers and not let our tempers control us. So we were able to talk about how we all need to control our tempers (even Mommy) and how in the bible it tells us that it is foolish to become angry and that it is wise to remain calm. So not only did Malley need to hear this but ya know what so did I.

So this morning I just want to say Thank You Lord that you were so faithful to send me and Malley a very timely word this morning on tantrums and how important it is that we control our temper.

Quote from our little devotional book "When you lose your lose. This quote really stuck with my kids. Cause they sure don't want to be a loser.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer... Short and Sweet

Well, our summer is officially over. Today is the first day of school, I can't believe how quickly the summer when by. I was not ready for this at all. Malley in the 3rd grade and Mason in 1st you would think that I would have a handle on my emotions. But NO it was so much more emotional than I ever would have expected. They are truly growing up way TO fast and seeing this makes me especially for thankful summers. Although our summer was short it was definitely sweet.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Faithful Friday

I know that most everyone has fear and insecurities. I am always blabbing about mine, y'all are probably sick of hearing about them. So I'm going to share it anyway (it is my blog). A huge insecurity/fear I have is the fear of not being accepted, or being rejected, or not being liked. I have found myself in the past few weeks in a role where I am feeling like I don't fit in or just feeling left out (I know this sounds very 5th grade). I don't however feel like it has been any ones intent, thing just happen. And I am fully aware that this is something that I have taken up all by myself (well, with help from the enemy). So my prayer has been lately that I NOT take any offence to this. God is so faithful! He has so sweetly reminded me that it's not about who you are, but whose you are. I have found great comfort in knowing that.

So to anyone today who is feeling a little like it is just you facing this crazy world alone. Remember that you are NOT alone. God is here, He is close and He is able to fill any and all voids in our lives. We just have to surrender it to Him. Once we do that, everybody is going to want to be our friend. He will so sweetly remind you, that it is not who you are, but whose you are and it's not about what you can or can't do, but it all about what He has can do and has done.

He is so completely faithful!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shout out for Summer

I do want everyone to know that I am alive and well now that May is over. I feel like when my kids are in school that it is just as much work for me as it is them, especially at the end of the school year. So, we in the Chastain household are giving a big shout out for Summer. We are looking forward to a stress free, laid back summer.

I was asked this weekend what my favorite season was and my favorite activity during that season. Mine is definitely summer and my favorite activity during the summer is just hanging out with my kids, being a much more laid back mom, it is nice not being the Drill Sargent all the time. No scheduled ball games, ballet, bedtime, bath time(maybe a scheduled bath) and so on...YEAH!!

So, if anyone needs me this summer you can find me at the pool hanging out with my children.