Friday, August 22, 2008

Faithful Friday

Well for the record, my children have been wonderful this week. YEA! I have really been convicted this week since my post last Friday I feel like I don't' praise my children enough. I do want to share those trying times but I also need to share how extremely fabulous they are. So in spite of a long, chaotic, sleepless week, my kids have been awesome. Tomorrow is our biggest fun raiser of the year at Malley and Mason school we call it our "Back to School Bash" it is a huge production with a Parent/Teacher Volley ball game, inflatables, games, face painting, tattoos, obstacle coarse, basket raffle, hay ride, and lots of good food (if anyone is in our area tomorrow for 11-2 please come out and join us, the kids will love it.) It is also a lot of work.

To add to my stress we are having some teacher changes at school and Malley is getting a NEW 3rd grade teacher. Which I am a little (lot) upset about. We are going on the 3rd week of school and she is getting a new teacher a brand new teacher from a different school. Third grade is a HUGE year, they are learning many new and more sophisticated skill (multiplication, writing paragraphs, etc.). So needless to say I am concerned and worried.

After saying all of that I do want to say PRAISE GOD for our little morning devotion, this morning it was titled "The Kind of Peace That Jesus Offers Us" (although the devotion is intended for the kids, I get so much out of it. God is so Good! He knows He has to speak to me on a very juvenile level). Anyway, it talked about John 14:27 how Jesus offers us peace, not as the world gives, but as He alone gives. How true is that, He offers peace we just have to accept it. I am accepting His peace this morning and trusting that He is going to take care of all my concerns and worries.

Our Heavenly Father is so completely FAITHFUL, he again sent me exactly what I needed. So to anyone who has doubt, concerns or worries. Accept the peace that only He can give and trust that He is going to be FAITHFUL.


Brad and Shana said...

As you know, Bryce changed teachers too, and it totally stressed me out. But, as I said in my post, I'm totally believing that God is going to work it for everyone's total good. I believe he will for Malley too. I pray that you AND Malley will absolutely loves this new teacher, and that she will be a blessing!

Could you give the title and author of your devotion books? We are needing a change of pace with our devotions, and it seems like you really enjoy yours.

Thanks for the reminder, I needed to hear it.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Tamara, who is she getting? I actually know both of the knew teachers. One, better than the other, BUT I will say that they are BOTH strong Christians with great Christian values. I didn't realize who they were until yesterday because Ken failed to tell me....what a husband...he doesn't keep me informed. He cracked me up because the male teacher, Mr. Beckler, he didn't recognize-he just said that he didn't seem goofy or weird...LOL. When I found out who it was-I about killed him. me if you want to know some background.
love ya',

Tammy said...

I am sooo sorry. Sometimes education just stinks! Malley is a smart, sweet girl though and I know she will be fine. You do have some pretty awesome kiddos, and their mom ain't too bad herself! :)

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

I know how easy it is to always point out the bad and forget to praise the good. But you are doing a great job...look at what great kids you have. Malley will do great with her new teacher. Just like I told Shana, it is usually harder for the moms than the kids.
Let us know how she does. I will be praying. Love ya, Angela